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Device Driver Installation Interface Mapping Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131642D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-11
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Presented is a method that allows different versions of a device drive to control different instances of the same device type in a given system. It introduces the concept of a debug device driver controlling one instance of a device type while other instances of the device type are controlled by a standard version of the device driver.

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Device Driver Installation Interface Mapping

Having different device driver versions for the same adapter type gives an operating system tremendous flexibility in handling the communications with I/O devices.

For example: 6 instances of an I/O adapter are installed in a Unix* Operating System and all devices are configured

     - Idea: Allow the user to keep the same device driver package on all instances except for one.


          -Unconfigure all devices -Using the installation tool allow the user to specify which device will be running the unique device driver (debug driver)

-Install the standard device driver (currently in the system) on 5 devices -Install the unique device driver on 1 of the devices

              -The Unix Operating System will create it's own packaging rules files and installation packages to perform the install of the device drivers.

          -After the installation has taken place, a user will be able to determine which device is running the unique device driver.

              - For example, using the view the output from the list devices command on a Unix Operating System, the user will be able to see an indicator

              for devices running a unique device driver. Example the indicator could be attached to the device name.

As a result, a user could have many I/O devices in his system, but only one interface is running a new device driver package. He will be able to continue following the above described installation process, and if needed, every instance of the same device could be running...