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Calendaring based event notification and security Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131644D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-11
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Within companies, there are many resources that must be shared - such as conference rooms, offices, etc. Many times these rooms or resources are left open for anyone to use and have no such security. Proposed is a method of allowing scheduling and security of the resource.

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Calendaring based event notification and security

The resources and schedule for use of the resources are stored in a central database. A user or users can schedule a time to use the resource, based on the resource's schedule, through an interface of some sort (e.g. web application, Lotus Notes *, etc). If the resource is a locked room, the user will be given access to the locked room through notifying meeting participants of the room's keycode, if applicable, or by dynamically interfacing with a badge security system to add participants to the room's access list if there is a badge reader controlling access to the room.

The database and program handling the scheduling of the resource can send the users of the resource reminders as to when their time to use it occurs. For instance, the users could get reminder emails a few hours before and then a call and an email 15 minutes before it is time to use the resource.

* Lotus Notes is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation