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L-2-Amino Butyro Amide (L-ABA) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131650D
Publication Date: 2005-Nov-13
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              L-2-Amino Butyro Amide (L-ABA) ______________________________________________________________
L-2-Amino Butyro Amide (L-ABA) is used as an intermediate in the preparation of
(S)-a-ethyl-2-oxo-1-pyrrolidineacetamide (LVT). Its chemical formula is:



One process for preparing L-ABA comprises an aldehyde that undergoes Strecker reaction (according to J. March, 1985, page 855, 6-50 ; page 788, 6-5) to give racemic aminobutyro nitrile; and afterwards hydrolyzation of the aminobutyro nitrile to obtain racemic aminobutyric acid or racemic amino amide (ABA). Racemic aminobutyric acids can undergo a chiral separation by optically active compound (base or acid) to give optically active aminobutyric acid. The optically active aminobutyric acid can then be converted to optically active amino amide (L-ABA).The conversion may comprise converting the optically active aminobutyric acid to optically active methyl ester of aminobutyric acid and ammonolysis with ammonia to give the optically active amino amide (L-ABA). Racemic amino amide (ABA) can undergo a chiral separation by optically active acid to give optically active amino amide (L-ABA). Preferably, the optically active acid is selected from the group consisting of: Mandelic acid, Malic acid, Hadratropic acid, 1-Phenylethyl Succinamic acis, 1-Phenylethyl Phthalamic acid, Tartaric acid, Quinic acid. Preferably, the optically active base is selected from the group consisting of: Ephedrine, Deoxyephedrine, Amphetamine, Phenylethane amine.

The following scheme describes the process:





Another process for preparing L-ABA comprises pro...