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ATTACHMENT OF AN ARTICLE Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131689D
Publication Date: 2005-Nov-15
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A method for attaching an article (1) to at least two planes (2, 3) is described. The method allows the article (1) to move in relation to all planes (2, 3) but one after attachment to the planes (2, 3).

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The present invention relates to attachment of an article to at least two different planes.

In many cases it is desirable to sealingly attach an article to two or more planes. The planes may be arranged in relation to each other at an arbitrary angle. The planes may be planes of a common object or planes of different objects. When the article and the object/objects are subject to a change in temperature the article and the object/objects may expand differently from each other causing thermal stresses in the connection areas. An improved method for attaching an article to at least two planes will now be described with reference to the figure.

The figure shows an article 1 being attached to a first plane 2 of a first object 4 and to a second plane 3 of a second object 5. The first plane 2 and the second plane 3 may alternatively be arranged on the same object. The article is attached to the first plane 2 with a first screw 6 which is arranged through a first hole 9 in the article into a first threaded hole 10. The first hole 9 has a larger diameter than the first screw 6. This allows the article 1 to move relative to the first screw 6. A compressible gasket 7 and a non-compressible distance element 8 is arranged between the first screw 6 and the first object 4. The first screw 6 is tightened so that the distance element 8 is in contact with the first screw 6 and the first plane 2 of the article 1. The distance element 8 has such dimensions that the gasket 7 is compressed to a desired degree. The article 1 is attached to the second plane 3 with a second screw 11 which is arranged through a second hole 12 in the article 1 into a second threaded hole 13 and with a third screw 14 through a third hole 15 in the article 1 into a third threaded hole 16.

When the article 1 is to be attached to the planes 2 and 3 the article 1 is firstly positioned adjacent to all the different planes 2, 3 to which the article is to be attached with the gasket 7 and the distance elem...