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Combined Fingerprint Reading for Added Login Security Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131691D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-15
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This publication describes a method, utilizing multiple BioInformatic (fingerprint) reads, in combination with keystroke sequence, to provide a more robust system login procedure.

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Combined Fingerprint Reading for Added Login Security

Disclosed is a method for increasing login security by using a technique which combines the use of BioInformatic login information with keystroke sequence to provide a robust method of ensuring system security. Several current products, including notebook computers and PC keyboards, have an integrated fingerprinter reader for added login security. The current implementation typically places the reader adjacent to the text entry keys, or as a stand alone device, and is used primarily for system login. See Microsoft for PC products and Lenovo for notebook products.

As more companies adapt to the oncoming technology, fingerprints will be used as a login not only for systems, but for web based applications. Patent disclosures have been written to soon apply such readers to a designated key on the text entry device to solve many of the problems with placing the reader as a stand alone device or adjacent to the keyboard. This solution is a good start, but leaves many problems on the short-term horizon. Mainly, one designated or shared fingerprint reader key may not be viewed as a high security login system. In addition, if damage occurs to the finger a user has designated for reading (bandage, scrape, burn, etc), then login access may not be possible.

The main idea of the current invention is to incorporate fingerprint read technologies into several shared keys on the keyboard. The exact keys would be negotiable, bu...