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Exhaust Heat Redirection on Portable Electronic Devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131692D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-15
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The disclosed invention provides a means for redirecting the flow of exhaust air from the cooling mechanism of a portable electronic device and intentionally pointing it back at the user in a way the user would find advantageous.

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Exhaust Heat Redirection on Portable Electronic Devices

With the increasing speed and heat output of current microprocessors expelling exhaust from portable electronic devices continues to be a necessary evil. Typically the design of the device is such that the exhaust it expels maximizes cooling to the devices heat producing internal elements, while diverting it away from the expected location of the device's user.

The proposed invention seeks to provide an alternative means for handling this exhaust when being exposed to the exhaust might be beneficial to the device's user.

There are a number of applications where this would be useful - from situations as common as a cold office, to those more extreme such as rescue operations. The disclosed invention would provide heat directly to the user's fingers and hands. Other alternatives for warming the user's hands would prove either cumbersome (e.g. attempting to operate the device with gloves on) or counter productive (blowing hot air from an external source over the device).

There are further applications in devices which have been ruggedized for use in extreme situations such as cold weather military operations. These devices, which carry increased bulk as a result of their bulk, would be suitable for an implementation of this invention that might not otherwise fit in day-to-day use equipment, such as a standard laptop.

The disclosed invention solves the counterproductive quandary from above by allowing the user's hands to be warmed, while not introducing more heat to a system already dealing with an excess of heat.

Two potential designs for implementing this invention will be described

Collapsible, Adjustable, Above-Keyboard Vent

In this design, the venting system would sit above the keyboard and would be comprised of an adjustable flap that could be opened along a...