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Improved Efficiency for Technical Program/Project Execution Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131731D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-17
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Managing multiple projects as a program with a cross functional team can be very difficult and unwieldy. Using the Rational Portfolio Manager system supplemented by applications such as Microsoft Excel can quickly yield significant savings along with increased efficiency in project management execution.

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Improved Efficiency for Technical Program /Project Execution

The Rational Portfolio Manager system is a project management system that allows project managers and their associates to manage plans, resources, costs, and deliverables along with monitoring the health of their projects, the project's exceptions such as requirements, change requests, action items, and issues. The system also provides a significant amount of reports that Project Managers can use to report to their teams and executive management.

To improve the execution process of managing a program of projects, information can be easily exported from Rational Portfolio Manager, using Microsoft Excel, and reorganized so that project managers can review the status of one or more projects with their teams over the phone. Information such as work task, activities, requirements, action items, etc., can be exported from the Rational Portfolio Manager system into the spreadsheet format.

Below are some basic steps (based on Microsoft Excel) that project managers can follow:
1. In Rational Portfolio Manager, export out the information required using the capability provided by the system into spreadsheet format for a given workbook. To capture just one project, perform an "Expand All" for that project in Rational Portfolio Manager.
2. For each export performed, move the data to the appropriate sheet in the workbook.
3. For a given sheet, date can be manipulated using Cut, Paste, and Sort functions.
a. For the WBS...