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SASDump - SnapDump Processor

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131767D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-17
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SASDump: A Dump processor for SnapDumps produced by z/OS Products built using the SAS/C® Compiler System

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SASDump - SnapDump Processor


SASDump is a Dump processor for SnapDumps produced by z/OS Products built using the SAS/C® Compiler System.

Why is it required?

In a word - "timesaving", for both Developers and Level3 personnel.

On z/OS, external names, i.e. names of C/C++ Functions, can only be a maximum of 8 uppercase characters. Therefore, if someone calls a function in a program getSourceFileName() it is obviously too long and contains lowercase characters.

So, the SAS/C® Pre-linker will hash these function names, and other external names, into a six digit number preceded by an '@' character, therefore "getSourceFileName" may become @@342396 This is obviously internal to the SAS/C® Compiler System, and we would not normally need to know about it.

Unfortunately, when a module built with SAS/C® crashes, all we have to go on to find where is a list of these @@ numbers, which look like this;

S0C4 U0000 THREAD 11CF0650 TASK 006CDE88
0ABEND PSW 078C10008FF32148 (KLV$RSS+328) ILC 04 INTC 0004 INSTR

R0 000A0000 R8 8FF32130

R1 000130E1 R9 00049390 (FSA+7BC0)

R2 FFF60000 R10 00000000 (TRC)

R3 00049390 (FSA+7BC0) R11 0FF31EE8

R4 11A241C8 (KYNAGENT.HDXHIST:) R12 0000B000 (GSA)

R5 11A23A20 (KYNAGENT.@@298637) R13 91CF1E78

R6 90034CC0 (KLXTMXLO+110) R14 8FF324A6

R7 00000000 (TRC) R15 00000004
0ABND $TCB 11CF0650 SIZE 0000004C PCB 11BDF430 FRB 00000000 LSA 11D7F350 ORIGN

$LSA 11CF08C0 LFFS 00000220 PREV 00000000 NEXT 91CF0868 R14 8003166C

R15 00000000 (TRC) R0 100336BC (KLXTHRCR+164) R1 11C5F6A8 (FSA+B04C0)

$LSA 11CF0868 LFFS 000001C8 PREV 11CF08C0 NEXT 11CF0CD8 R14 8FEDFC7C

R15 10FC78E0 (KYNAGENT.@@474722+5C) R0 11CF09B0 (FSA+1417C8) R1 11CF08B8

$LSA 11CF0CD8 LFFS C3E2C100 PREV 91CF0868 NEXT 11CF0D88 R14 90FC79E6

R15 10F3AA94 (KYNAGENT.@@134982+6C) R0 11CF4CC0 (FSA+145AD8) R1 11CF0D70

$LSA 11CF0D88 LFFS C3E2C100 PREV 11CF0CD8 NEXT 11CF0E08 R14 90F3AAE6

R15 10F3BA70 (KYNAGENT.@@135342) R0 11CF4CC0 (FSA+145AD8) R1 11CF0E00

$LSA 11CF0E08 LFFS C3E2C100 PREV 11CF0D88 NEXT 11CF0F48 R14 90F3BCE4


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R15 10EBCE48 (KYNAGENT.@@004508) R0 11CF4CC0 (FSA+145AD8) R1 11CF0F38
(FSA+141D50) $LSA 11CF0F48 LFFS C3E2C100 PREV 11CF0E08 NEXT 11CF0FD0 R14 90EBCEB4
(KYNAGENT.@@004508+6C) R15 10EBC63C (KYNAGENT.@@004429) R0 11CF4CC0 (FSA+145AD8) R1 11CF0FC8
(FSA+141DE0) $LSA 11CF0FD0 LFFS C3E2C100 PREV 11CF0F48 NEXT 11CF1128 R14 90EBC984
(KYNAGENT.@@004429+348) R15 10EC2B68 (KYNAGENT.@@458977) R0 11CF4CC0 (FSA+145AD8) R1 11CF1108
(FSA+141F20) $LSA 11CF1128 LFFS C3E2C100 PREV 11CF0FD0 NEXT 11CF11B0 R14 90EC2BDC
(KYNAGENT.@@458977+74) R15 10FCB2D4 (KYNAGENT.@@253247) R0 11CF4CC0 (FSA+145AD8) R1 11CF11A8
(FSA+141FC0) $LSA 11CF11B0 LFFS C3E2C100 PREV 11CF1128 NEXT 11CF12B0 R14 90FCB404
(KYNAGENT.@@253247+130) R15 10FCBDD0 (KYNAGENT.@@253425) R0 11CF4CC0 (...