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Sponsored Grid Computing Method and System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131774D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-18
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The purpose of this method is to increase the participation of general public into Grid Systems by contribuiting their idle processing capacity of their computers (personal computers, home computers, etc.) by means of an encouraging motivation.

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Sponsored Grid Computing Method and System

This solution consider to give redemable scoring points in return not just for the processing time elapsed but using an algorithm for the processing time elapsed and processing power (processor power and storage capacity) provided by each individual's computer. Such points can be redem by participants obtaining a material reward such as discounts on products and/or services or free products and/or services.

   This solution allows to recruit more participants to the Grid and with a higher interest in make sure their computers process data as they be rewarded for it. Participation is not linked to the interest on the data processed but on the reward obtained by processing the data and highly motivated people sustain and ensure the Grid existence itself.

   When a participant joins the Grid a participant id is provided. This id is kept in the system runing in the participants' computer, for identification purpose, as well as in the "Grid Management System" for points earened and redemed administration.

   When a participant joins, a "Grid client system" (GCS) is downloaded in his/hers computer to allow grid processing and communication. Participant defines how much capacity of its free storage capacity will provide to the grid in order to store the data to be processed (batch) and store the results which will be transfer to the Grid Management System upon processing completion. Processing power data is captured by the "GCS" by accessing and read the system information file. This is preferably to be done regularly in orden to pick up any processing capacity change due to upgrades or changes. A value is given for the processing power of a participating given computer, being greater as greater is the said power. In a similar way, a value is given for the storage capacity of aparticipating computer, being greater for greater capacity. The processing time rendered for such given computer is weighted by the processing power value and storage capacity value, for which the GCS calculates, stores and communicates to the "GMS" the time elapsed since starting processing and stops processing accumulating this data for every processing instance. "GMS" also stores the accumulated weighted points for every grid participant.

   When a given processing period ends (day, week, month or any other period of time) the total accumulated weighted points can be redemed to obtain a reward. The points for participants who selected to be redemed are transfered to a "Redemption System" ("RS").

   The "RS" will offer participants one or many option for their points to be...