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Locking feature for travel thermos juglid Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131934D
Publication Date: 2005-Nov-22
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ID 691050

    The juglid is build up from an upper part and a lower part. The upper part can move down to make sure coffee can flow into the jug. The juglid is moved up again, closing the inlet of the jug with a seal when it is removed form the coffeemaker. This is due to the spring between the juglidtop and the juglidbottom.

    In the closed position of the juglid, juglid and jug are sealed. So in the closed position the jug is completely sealed and no coffee can flow out of the jug.

Normally when the juglidtop is pressed it will move down and coffee can leak through the inlet. This means it can't be used as a travel jug.

    When the juglidtop is locked in the juglidbottom, when it's in the closed position, it can't move down. This means the thermos jug is completely closed and safe to be used as a travel jug.

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