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Scorpio Library Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131947D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-22
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"Scorpio" is a library with an embedded safe box where tapes can be stored automatically once the backup job is complete. The safe box should be constructed in the same manner as a black box for an aircraft.

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Scorpio Library

  - The Scorpio Box should be engineered based on Aircraft Black box specificities. It means the box should be resistent to Fire, Water, and Impacts. The Scorpio box should be also equipped with a transmitter to faciliate detection after disaster.

      - The "Scorpio" box should be able to receive at least 6 LTO tapes. - Each time the library achieves a full backup, the cartrige loader pick up the tape and instead of placing it in the usual cartridge magazine, places it in the "Scorpio" Safe Box. Automatically the box get safely locked. For security reason there is no possibility to open the "Scorpio" box expect for an I/O operation.

      - The library keeps an inventory of the tapes placed in the scorpio Box and some expiration timestamps are implemented to reuse the tapes after a given period.

      - The TSM software should be upgraded to make it "Scorpio" aware. - Such solution should be adapted to low and medium sized environments and for clients who just need a cost effective disaster recovery solution with no guarantee in term of data recovery fastness but just in term of data recovery capability. The solution is definitively not a high availablity one.