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TV tuning by channel cards Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131952D
Publication Date: 2005-Nov-23
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TV tuning by channel cards

Radio and television receivers are usually tuned by entering a channel or program number. Many users can not remember said numbers, or even don't know how to operate a remote control. They often have to scroll through all channels in order to reach the channel they want to watch.

A solution is here proposed to help this group of people by providing a very intuitive way of channel selection. The idea is to simple pick up a 'Channel Card' of the desired TV station, and hold the card close by (or tap it on) the TV. The channel number is stored in the card's memory chip and communicated to the TV through NFC (Near Field Communication). Channel Cards are programmed in advance (e.g. by the dealer of a knowledgeable family member). They are preferably provided with the respective channel's logo. The figure below illustrates the procedure.

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