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Dynamic automotive front lighting system using electrowetting Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131964D
Publication Date: 2005-Nov-24
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ID 691851

Abstract ID691851

Adaptive front lighting systems (AFS) are headlight systems that provide a degree of "intelligent" response to driving conditions. At the moment AFS systems are based on mechanical movements. In this invention, a system is proposed that uses an electro- wetting device to change the beam direction continuously by applying a variable voltage. This could be used in the automotive industry for AFS.

Light emitted from a light source (i.e. LED(s), or Halogen or Xenon) is collected and shaped by optical component(s) like collimator(s) or reflector(s) in order to fulfill the required beam performance. An electro-wetting device, which is for instance put in front of other optical component(s) is shown in figure 1.

Figure 1. Dynamic front lighting system

When applying a continuously varying voltage (V1, V2, ...), the interface-shape of two liquids changes continuously leading to a continuous change of beam directions (q1, q2, ...) (figure 2).

(a) switch off voltage



Reflector or collimator

LEDs or Halogen or Xenon



Transparent electrode


(b) switch on voltage (V1, V2, V3)






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