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Combined Xenon incandescent - LED signal illumination Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131967D
Publication Date: 2005-Nov-25
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Combined Xenon incandescent - LED signal illumination

Vehicle signal illumination is used for the vehicles of special services, to draw attention to it. Typical applications are blue light for police, red light for firemen, blue-red combination for escort, etc. Additionally, accordingly to the law, building, agricultural and similar machines must be marked with orange colour. Road illumination is used for achieving safety when there are construction works at the roads or situation is somehow changed.

In the past rotational lights with incandescent bulbs were used for described purposes. They had multiple disadvantages - low level of light, low efficacy, short lifetime, moving mechanical parts, etc. Therefore, in the past years, lamps with xenon flashing bulbs are more and more taking place of this old technology.

Xenon incandescent lamps have multiple advantages. They produce short pulses of very high light intensity. So high intensity makes them visible from a large distance and in the conditions of poor visibility. Work in the pulsed regime eliminates need for the moving parts. They have high efficiency. Also, xenon lamps are modern and fancy, and their hype makes them very desirable. All those characteristics cause that xenon lamps take primacy in signal illumination. Nevertheless, xenon lamps have many disadvantages. They have very short lifetime. Also, price for the lamps is very high, as well as for the driving electronics, and it is proportional t...