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Document Creation Assist Method using Hint Reference Embedded into Templates Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131970D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-25
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Disclosed is a method that provides assist to edit templates using the template data set and the document edit system which has hint message handling mechanism to improve usability of web page creation tools.

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Document Creation Assist Method using Hint Reference Embedded into Templates

This disclosed provides the method to assist editing web pages using designed samples and to improve usability..

Recent Web Page edit tool has the categorized sample templates including pre-determined contents and format.

If users uses these templates, users don't need to make own page from blank page.

However, templates are usually consists of a lots of technique with which are not familiar.

In that case, user may create own page using well known help function by clicking help button or entering help mode.

But it takes a long time to find the way to solve user requirements, and there are no ways to know the intention of template designers.

This disclosed has the following steps:
1. To embed hint-reference id into the template at the specified location of pages.
2. To select the views in edit mode, one is normal view, the other is view with hint marks.
3. To pop-up the hint window when hint mark is clicked.
4. To select hint messages when user select the level, type, and so on.

This disclosed consists of two major components:

One is template data set which has templates with embedded ids, hint data and hint map data.

The other is a document edit system which has mechanism of marking up and parsing id.

These two components are completely separated, therefore template designer can simultaneously provide any level of hints to any level of users, and user can select the hints based on user level...