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TMPlan Builder - An Add-On to rational TestManager Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131991D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-28
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Overview TMPlan Builder is add-on to IBM Rational Test Manager. TMPlan Builder is a utility to overcome the limitations we have in Rational Test Manager. Current limitation with Rational Test Manager is it becomes pain for the users to manually create Test Cases and associated them with Test Scripts in Robot. Solution implemented comprises of a TMPlan Builder utility a .NET based Application which allows users to specify Test Plan Name, Test Case Folder Name and Select Test Scripts. Once this information is specified, Test cases will be created and associated to Robot Test Scripts automatically. TMPlan Builder uses rational TestManager API?s to perform these tasks. Problem Statement The problem we faced is with getting 1 to many Relationship with Testcases to Test Scripts as this is a limitation in Rational Test Manager. There were two folds of issues with this: 1. User need to create each time a new Test Case and associate it to Test Scripts in Robot. This process becomes tedious if the user has many scripts. 2. If user wants to Move scripts and Script Artifacts from one Datastore to another Datastore, the process is tedious. Solution Given above problems, I worked on creating a solution which addressed both these issues and has to great extent reduced resource utilization and has drastically increased test coverage. Before the solution was deployed, Robot QE team used to run scripts from Robot and Analyzing Test Results was Painful. Also, this utility helps the QE team in copying or moving the Entire Test Artifacts from Geographical location to another. This utility can be incorporated into Rational Test Manager. Success Stories · Robot QE Team Increased efficiency in terms of Status Reporting, Analysis. · ClearQuest QE Team, Project Console and CCRC QE Team Used TMPlan Builder to migrate Robot Test Artifacts when Product Transition occurred and effectively using it for Analyzing Test Results.

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TMPlan Builder - An Add-On to rational TestManager

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