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Extended Wake-On-Lan Disclosure Number: IPCOM000132004D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-28
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Disclosed is a system for ehancing the Wake-On-Lan capability to restart powered off Intel machines.

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Extended Wake-On-Lan

Extended Wake-On Lan
Wake-On-Lan (WOL) uses mac address to power-on/reboot an intel machine. This is a very cryptic and unintuitive thought process for the user who wants to restart a powered-off intel machine.

The solution is to create a table of intel machine identifying parameters for all intel machines that support WOL and include: Mac Address, Hostname, IP Address, Serial Number, etc. for each of the machines
Next, create a front end process that:

Allows the user to issue a WOL request using any of the intel machine's identifying parameters (i.e. Hostname).

Do a lookup in the table for the requested wake-up machine's identifying parameter (i.e. Hostname) and it's corresponding Mac Address Issue the Wake-On-Lan for that unique machine using the corresponding Mac Address.

Illustrated Examples:

Current WOL

    command based on knowing client's mac address User must supply a cryptic client's mac address (i.e. 00:02:55:BF:BC:CD) Server runs Wake-On-Lan command wol -m 00:02:55:BF:BC:CD

Extended WOL

    command based on knowing clients other identifiers User can supply easy to remember client's identifier (i.e. Hostname)


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User supplies client's Hostname (.i.e. Myclient1)

Server runs process to lookup "Myclient1" in client table

Client table format:

 Mac address Hostname Ip address 00:02:55:BF:BC:CD Myclient


00:03:48:CD:BF:EA Myclient


Server parses table to o...