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integrated hover-over National language service Disclosure Number: IPCOM000132007D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-28
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Disclosed is a process that enables a translation service that provides hover over function to support NLS and that also can be integrated into other software applications.

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integrated hover-over National language service

A translation service which can be developed separately then integrated into the main software A, when A is launched with the service, whenever the mouse cursor is over a menu item, icon or any other text on the GUI, a hover over pops up with the appropriate translation for that item, with visual translation and voice pronunciation. This hover-over NLS service development phase can be seperated from the software application development phase. This hover-over NLS service can be integrated or plugged into any other software application as a translation service to support NLS.

This hover-over NLS service process will reduce development process time and resource needed.

The benefit of the new process is that it brings the buisness value to get a demo product ready faster, and it is not bundled during product development process. with each software product at the build time.

This new process that based on this hover-over NLS service can be described in the following steps: when an application is developed, no need to go through the NLS process right away because it's just simply to get the demo package ready. 1 new NLS toolkit, development phase:

- the tooling will learn and enhance the common data repository, *to recognize, learn and store the common string one word, one paragraph, one panel, etc.

* translation based on "highlighted" or "selected data"

     *how to hover-over a panel....Key words (ex. error) (prior art: screen reader) - is developed with common NLS dictionary (reusable data only) for all sw applications. make sure the reuse data repository (common strings) - Reuse existing application NLS resources 2 New NLS toolkit, configuration:

    - the user can configure the desired language - user needs to configure the application installation root, which determines the location of the existing application NLS resources. 3 New NLS toolkit, runtime with hover-over rendering mechanism: 4 It catches the text, extracts and translates the text and outputs to hover-over area.

    - Hover-over: when the cursor move to any translatable string on the GUI, new NLS will capture the string

    - new NLS extract the string and look it up in the resources bundles file, and translate it 5 tooling (hover-over, recognize the string, on-demand translation) uses both the reusable data and prod-specific string.

    - new NLS comp send info back to the hover-o...