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Method for faciliting drag and drop repetitions Disclosure Number: IPCOM000132026D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-29
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Disclosed is a new method for faciliting repetitive drag and drop operations through a natural mouse gesture.

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Method for faciliting drag and drop repetitions

Suppose you want to insert Object A into Object B. A natural mechanism that exists today is to drag object A and drop it over object B. Now, suppose you want to insert Object A 3 times into Object B. The extension of the previous mechanism is to drag A onto B three times. This is repetitive, may involve traversing much of the screen on every drag, and it may not be self evident how many times the repetition has been performed.

We propose a new mechanism of driving drag and drop repetition. Instead of performing a full drag all the way from A to B on the second and third repetitions, the user will keep the mouse button pressed from the first drag, and drag the cursor out of and back into B twice more. As the cursor reenters object B each time, we can provide a visual indicator of the current repetition count to the user. Upon releasing the mouse button over B, the operation will be performed as many times in sequence as the object was dragged through B.

To reiterate, we claim:

re-dragging an object over the drop target without releasing mouse button will queue up multiple operations visual indication of number of repetitions to be performed may be provided

In one embodiment, we address printing documents. Suppose dragging a document onto a printer icon yields a single printed copy of the document. Using our mechanism, the user can quickly indicate repetitions of printing that document such that he queues up a single...