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Method to add additonal website statistics Disclosure Number: IPCOM000132028D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-29
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Method to add additonal website statistics to determine why a webpage was killed

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Method to add additonal website statistics

Web page statistics are important for the maintainability of a website. Part of statistics measurement to see if the page was any good or not.. There are many monitors on webpages like frequency visited, the time it took to load the page, how long a visitor stays on a particular page before moving on, or which browser was used. Some of these statistics can be inaccurate when the user kills the loading of the page since the server never knows the cause of the kill.

Disclosed is a proposal for an additional statistical measurement to determine why a page was killed. Additionally, for customers who pay for advertisement on a website, they could ask for this statistic to determine if their ad/page ever gets loaded. If the page is always killed before it finishes loading, the advertiser can ask for reimbursement.

Currently, when a server sends a page, the server never knows if it finished loading or if the user didn't like it or if the user couldn't use it and killed off the page. If the page is killed off before the load completes, send back an ack signal. When the ack signal is received the server knows the page was killed and the amount of time it took for the page to start loading to when the user killed off the page. This information would be saved along with the web pages other statistics.