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Software Translation Verification Aid for Java Disclosure Number: IPCOM000132030D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-29
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This method validates that Java resource bundles have been translated into other spoken languages.

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Software Translation Verification Aid for Java

Business Problem:

It is often very hard to keep track of which translation teams have properly completed translation for software products. This is done by sending a set of Java source files containing text to several translation teams. Often, what you get back is inconsistent and incomplete. Fragments of various files may remain untranslated, and the errors vary by language and file, which makes it confusing to track, especially when up translation is being done in up to thirty national languages or locales. This becomes even more important if developers need to add strings at the last minute (which often happens).


This invention solves the problem by highlighting text that has not been translated. How it works:

The names of files that need translation and desired languages are listed in a Java source file. A source language is chosen (usually English).

The tool loads each string for each language from each Java resource bundle that has supposedly been translated.

If the translated file contains a different number of strings than the source file, an error message is given.

The source string is checked against a table of exceptions where the source string is expected to be the same as the translated string for that language. For example, "December" is spelled the same way in German and English (but pronounced differently).

If the string is expected to differ between source and target languages, it is compar...