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Showing contents of a folder and opening of folder/file via context-menu. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000132031D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-29
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Locate and launch a file through various folders via navigation without multiple clicks, thus saving time. Use of Windows Explorer requires the actual opening of folders and multiple clicks. If you have folders on your desktop (could be during use of Windows Explorer file navigation) and you are trying to locate and open a file, basically a single right-click of the mouse will open the normal contextual menu, but allow you to navigate the folders simply by just moving the mouse to find the file you'd like to open. This would eliminate the need for multiple clicks.

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Showing contents of a folder and opening of folder /file via context-menu.

In the flow below, we start with a folder on the Windows OS desktop, called C_Drive.
1. Right-click on the folder to bring up the normal contextual menu, but with an added selection called Contents or Show Contents.
2. Hovering over Contents will expand the contextual menu to the right and displays the actual contents of C_Drive. (The same action as double-clicking on C_Drive on the desktop)
3. The user then can navigate the folders and files in C_Drive and drill-down to the folder and file of interest.
4. In this example, the actual steps are: select Contents (menu) > IBM (folder) > IDD (folder) > Trademarks (folder) > Trademarks Example (file)
5. The Trademarks Example (file) is then automatically opened when left-clicking on it or right-clicking will allow edit, properties, etc.(usual right-clicking on a file context menu).

Legend: Yellow folder icons = folders, Blue page icons = files


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