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Instant Chat Meeting with Invities Extracted From Email Address Field Disclosure Number: IPCOM000132092D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Dec-01
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One-step integrated process for instant message meeting within calendar and email systems

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Instant Chat Meeting with Invities Extracted From Email Address Field

A group messenging invitation is created using a list of people from either a meeting invitee list or an email recipiant list in an email system. It can be used from the following two use cases:

Calendar - While viewing a calendar event, the user extends an instant message invitation to the group of people located on the meeting notice list. The user clicks a button located next to the invitees names. A message box appears and displays a list of the names of the people invited to the meeting. The user is asked if they want to send the instant message invitation to everyone displayed in the list. The names are highlighted and the user can deselect names that they do not wish to include in the meeting. Names of the participants who declined the meeting notice will not be highlighted.

This 'collaboration button' is also available off of meeting notification messages.

Email - The user can also use the collaborate button in an email. In this case, the button will be located next to the 'To' field. When the user clicks it, the same message box as discribed above appears and pulls the names from the recipients portion of the email.