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Methodology for Anonymous Chat Converations Initiated by a Third Party Disclosure Number: IPCOM000132100D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Dec-01
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Disclosed is a method to allow a non-participatory third party to initiate an anonymous conversation between two or more individuals

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Methodology for Anonymous Chat Converations Initiated by a Third Party

Instant messaging is a widely used tool for communication today. It is form of electronic communication that provides immediate correspondence between the participants. Not only are 2 parties able to join a conversation, but they are also able to invite others. There are times where the initiator does not want to be part of the conversation and he/she doesn't want one or more members to be known to the others. Currently there is no way for the initiator to start an anonymous conversation between 2 or more individuals without being a part of that multi-member chat meeting.

This method would allow for the initiator to be known to both individuals as the originator of the conversation, but the individuals in the conversation are anonymous. The individuals will receive an arbitrary name (Person X) when they join the conversation. Once the parties are in the chat conversation, they can remove their anonymity.


1) The knowledge broker will not be contacted by the client after the initial conversation unless they have removed their anonymity and wish to be made known.
2) The initiator no longer has to be a middle man

Using existing chat infrastructure, this method would allow for the initiator to select from a predefined listing of individuals in their buddy list and/or enter the shortnames or partial names for lookup in a global directory to connect them in an anonymous, multi-member chat meeting. After the members have been selected, the initiator will click a button or menu item ("Connect Parties"...