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Website Monitoring Proxy

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000132139D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Dec-02
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Disclosed is a system for monitoring mobile website. Wireless carriers have gateway (web proxy) system to provide cell-phone Internet connection service. As gateway system acts as an http client, and check the response from website (check response time or verify response), it works as a supervisor.

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Website Monitoring Proxy

Background:  Monitoring mobile website is difficult alongside of Personal Computer website. For security, some of website for cellular-phone restricts access from client, using firewall or so (allow access only from IP address wireless carrier gateways have). Therefore tools which monitor website for Personal Computer can not access those web servers. Cellular-phone is law speculation in comparison with servers and wrong fit in running monitor program.  

Summary of invention:  Gateway system overwatches mobile websites, which is between web server and mobile phone. Gateway system works as an http client, requests designated URL, monitor response time, verify responded contents. If response time exceeds estimated time, or get error page, this system inform web server supervisor that their web server have some trouble and cannot offer services, by e -mail.


Fig.1 is a type of function component which actualizes this monitoring system.

1. Function component


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a)Requester Controller

start requester component

get request information



http(s) communication


send information to response verification component







c)Response Verifier

verify response

send response data


 Request Information


e)Request Information Manager

update request information

Reques t



Proxy Function

Response Contents




d)Website Interface Provider

send e-mail to siteop

compute response and show statistics data

show request information

Website Controll Information



Fig1. Function component

Description of each component is as follows.

a) Requester Controller Component ・ Get Request Information. ・・・(A) ・ Start Requester Component based on Request Information (Fig.2). ・・・(B)

       Column Data type Description Website Name VARCHAR Website name URL VARCHAR URL to send request Request Method VARCHAR http request method Requester send Request Headers VARCHAR http request headers Requester send Timeout SMALLINT Timeout parameter Verification File SMALLINT File to compare with response to verify the response is supposed ID and Password VARCHAR User id and password if needed Contents Auto Update Flag SMALLINT When the response is updated by siteop, update Verification



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Link Check Flag SMALLINT Flag to determine whether or not check the link included in response.

Parameter Assign URL VARCHAR URL which Response Verification Component assign URL parameter, and URL parameter to get value URL parameter VARCHAR URL parameter and value Monitoring Interval VARCHAR Interval time to send request Status Code to Compare SMALLINT Status code to compare with which Requester accepted Response Header to Compare VARCHAR Response header to compare with which Requester accepted

Fig2.Request Information DB(implementation exemplar)

b) Requester Component ・ Send http(s) request to web server in acco...