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Method for Quick Start to a Provisioning Solution Disclosure Number: IPCOM000132328D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Dec-07
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The solution proposed in this invention provides a model to quickly and successfully deploy a provisioning solution in a customer environment. The provisioning solution provides a plumbing to achieve Intelligent Orchestration, a key component of an On Demand Business. There is no known existing model or methodology (to the best of my knowledge) which accomplishes this task with a high degree of success. Most of the provisioning engagements today either take too long or fail, since the consultants going onsite do not have a model or methodology to follow.

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Method for Quick Start to a Provisioning Solution

Here is a high-level process flow for the engagement model.

Week 1

P lanning

E ngagem ent O verview C ustom er E ducation A ssessm ent W orkshop

S olution D esign

E nvironm ent R eadiness

Week 2

P roduct Install

Install P re-requisites

In s ta ll P r o v is io n in g S o ftw a r e B uild D ata C enter M odel

Week 3

O .S . P rovisioning

S e tu p E n v - B o o t In s ta lle r 1 In te g ra te w ith T P M

S e tu p E n v - B o o t In s ta lle r 2 In te g ra te w ith T P M

Week 4

Week 5

A pplication P rovisioning

S etup E nv - A pplication 1 In te g ra te w ith T P M

S etup E nv - A pplication 2 In te g ra te w ith T P M

Week 6

Week 7

C ustom ization

Im plem ent custom izations based on S O W and the assessm ent w orkshop

Week 8

C lose O ut

F inal E nd-to-E nd T esting E xecutive P resentation

K now ledge T ransfer

N ext S teps

P ost Im plem entation R eview

 Im plem entation A ssessm ent Increm ent M odule R epository

The different phases are elaborated below


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Phase 1: Planning

This phase must be completed during the first week of the engagement. Details on the different activities in this phase are provided below.

Kick-off meeting / Engagement Overview

The key GOAL of the kick-off meeting should be to provide an understanding of the Provisioning Service Offering to the customer. This includes

· Implementation time frames for the Service Offering
· Different phases in the Service Offering and the activities in each phase
· Participants in each phase from the IBM side
· Customer requirements and resources for each phase
· Checkpoints (meetings or conference calls) after each phase

Customer Education on the Provisioning software

The intent of this activity is to provide an overview of the Provisioning software to customer contacts which are going to work with you during the engagement.

Assessment Workshop

This workshop has two key goals:
· Serve as a requirements gathering exercise and
· Provide information to the client on the agreed upon scope as documented in the Statement of Work.

The work performed during this phase will directly influence the success of the engagement.

Solution Design

At this point, we can prepare a high-level design of the Provisioning solution. A solution design template document should be bundled with this package which will act as a guide only and be modified to meet the needs of customer environment.

A clear distinction should be drawn with the client between a long term strategic design and the short term engagement mutually agreed upon in the Statement of Work

Phase 2: Product Install

This phase consists of the following prime activities detailed below and lasts a week.

Install Pre-requisites: Setup and configure all the pre-requisites required by the provisioning software.

Provisioning Software Setup: Review the Product installation guide and setup/con...