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Apparatus for Measuring Water to Syrup Ratios Disclosure Number: IPCOM000132334D
Publication Date: 2005-Dec-07
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A fast drainage splitter for a fountain dispensing apparatus.

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Nozzle Splitter

Date conceived: 


Need to accurately and quickly measure the water to syrup ratios of dispensed beverages accomplished by using a device to separate the syrup from the water — a splitter.

How the Splitter Works

Syrup is injected into the outer portion of the splitter device and drains out through the lower outlet. The steep 45 degree angle ensures the syrup drains out quickly.
The splitter nozzle incorporates a split path for the water side, a drain and a vent tube. While dispensing froth the splitter into the ratio cup Water can dispense from both the drain hole and the vent tube. After the water flow stops, the vent tube allows air to be pulled into the evacuating chamber thereby allowing the water to drain out quickly.


This design allows for complete water drainage as the drain hole is located at the bottom of a ramped surface and the vent tube allows the water to drain freely.  Complete drainage should provide more accurate ratio measurements.