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Reducing screen flicker Disclosure Number: IPCOM000132354D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-09
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If multiple data sources displayed on a computer screen change at a similar time, multiple redrawings of the displayed may occur in a short priod of time. This problem can be solved by setting a timer when a redraw request is received, delaying the redrawing until the time has elapsed and then combining any further requests received during that time.

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Reducing screen flicker

Consider a computer system where multiple data sources are represented in a combined output on a display screen. When an input data source changes, it can request that the screen representation of the combined data be redrawn so that the changes are made visible. If different input data sources are changing at a similar time, this can cause multiple redraws to occur very quickly one after another; causing the unpleasant and distracting flicker on the screen.

    Use a timer to set the maximum frequency at which redraws can occur. Combine any redraw events that occur between these intervals, merging the extent of the redraw required.

    When a screen redraw request is received, the scope of the redraw is recorded, and a timer started. If further redraw requests are received while the timer is still running, the scope of the additional request is compared to that pending, and the scope of the pending request is increased if required. Only when the timer completes is the screen redraw actually performed. In this way closely timed redraw requests from the same or different input sources are combined into a single screen redraw; and the timer duration sets in maximum frequency that these redraws can occur. The timer duration could be tuned by the user; and/or it could be adjusted depending on the frequency with which redraw requests are being received and processed, so that when the system is changing less frequently the redraws are processed quickly,...