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A Generic IDoc Connector Tool`

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000132412D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-14
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Dec-14
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In any e-procurement application, there is always a need to retrieve or distribute the information to and from an ERP system like SAP. One of the message format to exchange information between web-based application and SAP system is IDoc (Intermediate Document) format, which contains a number of segments and each segment has one or more fields containing the actual values to be exchanged. Each version of SAP system will dictate a certain IDoc structure, i.e. a different segment-field definition, and in order to extract/retrieve the correct data from the IDoc, application developer needs to maintain a table to map the various segment-field combination to the corresponding application attribute values. Whenever there is a change in the SAP version, the application needs to be modified accordingly due to the mapping difference. The procedure to define the new mapping information is time consuming and error-prone due to the nested structure of the IDoc. Disclosed is a generic IDoc connector tool for OSC Web Interface, which will help to construct IDoc mapping information for different SAP / IDoc versions.

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A Generic IDoc Connector Tool`

Disclosed is a generic IDoc connector tool for OSC Web Interface, which will help to construct IDoc mapping information for different SAP / IDoc versions. The tool provides an interface to map the various application's business object to the respective IDoc segment or field, thus providing a generic interface for any SAP / IDoc versions. Given the mapping entered to the tool, a mapping table will be generated automatically for the application. Given the new mapping table, OSC Web Interface will be able to process any SAP / IDoc versions. Thus, the tool is acting as a generic connector.

Following are the advantages of using the IDoc connector tool:
a) Automate table creation in database
b) Flexibility to add new IDoc format
c) Sharing of IDoc format definition across applications in the enterprise
d) Support Object Oriented Software Engineering by associating IDoc format to business object
e) Reduce human error
f) Reuse by other application development

In a nutshell, it will increase the productivity and hence reduce software development cost.

The following is system architecture of the IDoc connector tool:


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The process flow is as follows:
A) The tool is installed in the developer workstation, ideally incorporated in the IDE.
B) User can publish the IDoc format in the centralize location which can be reused by other application in the enterprise
C) User inputs the applicat...