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Ordering and tagging minimized windows in taskbar Disclosure Number: IPCOM000132415D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-14
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Dec-14
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Ability to order the windows on taskbar as the user needs; so he could drag and drop application in the taskbar, ordering by name, or by date, or by similar application and so on. Furthermore he could add a title or customizable comment in the tag displayed when the mouse fly over the application taskbar.

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Ordering and tagging minimized windows in taskbar

Currently most Operating Systems have a window based desktop environment. This environment simplifies the interaction with several applications allowing a quick change of application in use. When more than one application is running, a specific task for minimize it is provided. They are reduced in the taskbar in a minimized window that is created at the start of the application, if there are many applications in use the number of minimized windows will increase and becomes very large, also the last ones opened are hidden and can be selected only scrolling the taskbar. Furthermore some applications started inside other tools (ex: word doc under Notes) and they have to be maximized in order to understand if they are the wanted application (the tag shows a numeric identifier). So if the user needs to switch continuously among different application he is forced to scroll up and down the taskbar and to open and close untitled applications looking for the right one. So when many tasks are opened, the user can order the task as he wants, for example moving ahead the more relevant or the most frequently used. Being the task tagged with a comment, the user can remember what he was doing or in the tag he could report useful notes for the application in use.

     Having several applications open and minimized in the taskbar, the user could: - drag and drop some minimized applications, ordering as he wants - using right mouse butt...