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Approach for preparing and holding presentations based on pocket-size devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000132426D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Dec-15
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This publication proposes a set of approaches for enhancing the creation and the management of presentations in the scope of the overall lifecycle of a presentation. This includes the definition of a presentation format, which can be seen as an extension to state-of-the-art presentation file formats allowing storing a rich set of audio information within the presentation. In addition, this publication defines a pocket-size device including the novel integration of a set of existing and novel features providing rich support for creating, preparing and holding a presentation.

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Approach for preparing and holding presentations based on pocket Approach for preparing and holding presentations based on pocketApproach for preparing and holding presentations based on pocket Approach for preparing and holding presentations based on pocket -

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Disclosed is an approach for improving the handling of presentations . This approach includes both the definition of an enhanced presentation format and the definition of a pocket-size device allowing the exploitation of those enhancements, whereas it is important to note that it is still possible to exploit the enhanced presentation format (to a certain extend) without using the proposed device.

    Today's state-of-the-art presentation formats only provide restricted capabilities for dealing with audio information to be used as metadata for the presentation itself. Today it is for example possible to store "narrations" as part of a presentation, so that people, who were not able to attend the actual presentation, can go through it and listen to the recorded audio information . But it is not possible, to store further role-based audio information in a presentation with multi -language support. This role-based extension of today's presentation formats will be described in the following as part of the presentation format enhancement :

    The enhanced presentation format allows storing information within a presentation, which can be prompted by the speaker while holding the presentation . This can be very useful when holding presentations about complex topics or when the person, who created the presentation, is not the person holding the presentation: With the proposed enhancement , the creator of the presentation can record supporting audio information, which the presenter can use for preparing for and holding the presentation. Additionally, there is the possibility of storing audio information within a presentation (similar to the "narration" functionality of existing presentation formats), whereas this information can be stored in different levels of detail and in different languages. This has a couple of use cases, with one being especially useful when holding a presentation for a set of people understanding different languages: Here, the presenter can hold the presentation for example in English (for covering the language understanding of the majority of the audience ), and the rest o...