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ClearQuest2html - HTML reports from ClearQuest Disclosure Number: IPCOM000132489D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Dec-19
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Described is a solution for generating HTML reports from IBM* Rational* ClearQuest* data.

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ClearQuest2html - HTML reports from ClearQuest

To look at results of data in IBM's Rational ClearQuest* software development product using the interfaces provided, requires knowledge of ClearQuest.

    A management team whose projects use ClearQuest for project management just want to see a good high-level overview without the need for understanding too much about ClearQuest artifacts/processes.

    Additionally, using ClearQuest data as a key into a ldap-compliant directory (such as a companies employee database) can add value, creating views not normally provided by ClearQuest alone.

    One could provide a set of simple scripts which give clear, high-level information for managers of ClearQuest projects by..

Converting data from ClearQuest repository into a normalised form of XML, Augmenting it with data from any ldap-compliant directory, such as one which details a companies employees.

Transforming it using XSLT Presenting it in HTML, with full access to latest web-technolgies

Screenshots From this ClearQuest data.... these sample views
1. Overview

Click on an "ID" to view the item directly using ClearQuest (web-interface) Click on a person's name to view their details in the employee directory (web-interface).

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2. People grouped by manager

Using "managed-by" information collected from employee directory, views can be provided which could not be presented from just ClearQuest alone.

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