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Method and System of Adaptive RFID reading power on PDAs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000132523D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Dec-20
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Method and system for automatically adapting the RFID reading power depending on reading conditions

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Method and System of Adaptive RFID reading power on PDAs

Nowadays, the read range of an RFID (Radio Frequency Identifier) reader used with a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), is often inaccurate. The problem is that sometimes, the user wants to be sure that he/she is reading a tag in a close distance (for example, a tag on a particular box). Sometimes, the user wants to read one or several tags (for example a tag on a pallet). From experience, even with the latest generation of RFID readers, the reading of tags is not reliable.

The present invention automatically adapts the RFID reading power depending on the reading conditions. Nowadays when an operator wants to read a RFID tag, a maximum reading power is sent to the RFID reader. The present invention progressively increases the RFID reading power sent through the RFID reader until one RFID tag is read.

The present invention, which can be delivered as a software component, performs the following steps :
1) The reading starts with a reading power equal to zero. 2 )The reading power is progressively increased (for instance, the reading power can be increased each time by 5% of the maximal power).
3) If a RFID tag is detected, then the process goes on to step 4. If no RFID tag is detected, the process goes back to step 2.
4) The loop stops and the RFID tag is read.

Optionally, the RFID reading according to the present invention can be turned off for a normal RFID reading.