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Automatic Generation of Integration Project Plan Disclosure Number: IPCOM000132574D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Dec-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Dec-22
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Disclosed is a mechanism for automatic generation of an integration project plan for an Information Technology (IT) structure, represented by an object model.

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Automatic Generation of Integration Project Plan

Disclosed is a mechanism for automatic generation of an integration project plan for an IT (Information Technology) structure.

An IT structure is defined as any combination of hardware, software, networking, services, and labor, and relationships among these entities, and is represented by an object model, including classes ITStructure and ITRelationship. IT structure composition is the enumeration of entities (represented by objects within the model) comprising an IT structure. The object model also includes IT dependencies, representing installation or execution dependencies among IT structure composition elements.

The class CustomITRelationship is defined, inheriting from ITRelationship. Custom IT relationship is used to indicate IT relationships that are established by means of manual customization or programming. They correspond to integration steps to be performed in the course of the process of developing an IT structure.

The class CustomITRelationship is further sub-classed as CustomizationCustomITRelationship and ProgammingCustomITRelationship to designate IT relationships requiring manual customization or programming.

The integration project plan represents a sequence of steps to be performed to accomplish integration of elements of composition of an IT structure. The integration project plan includes:
* Integration steps requiring programming
* Integration steps requiring manual customization
* Testing integration of IT structure components

The integration project plan generator performs the following processing, illustrated in Figure 1. The process retrieves the IT structure composition and lists of IT relationships and IT dependencies 101. The proc...