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Single-Use Portable Hand Wash Sanitizer

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000132651D
Publication Date: 2005-Dec-31
Document File: 1 page(s) / 13K

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Fritz Kromenaker


Customers of drive-through fast food outlets often face the challenge of eating food without a convenient and rapid means of cleaning the hands prior to eating. Drive-through dispensing of food or dispensing of ready-to-eat food in general could be enhanced by routinely adding a convenient means of washing or disinfecting the hands that may be included with the food or its packaging. Current food dispensing could be improved, in many cases, by adding disinfecting means (e.g., a sanitizer in solution form) with the provided food, such as a disinfecting solution sealed in a single-use pouch that can be opened and applied to the hands immediately before eating.