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Thermosyphon Application For Brake Systems

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000133539D
Publication Date: 2006-Jan-28

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In the course of normal operation of brake systems, there is an increase in temperature in the vicinity of the Pad Rotor Interface. The increase in temperature can be attributed to both friction and heat being transferred from adjacent sub-systems. The increase in temperature contributes to excessive wear and deformation of the brake system components. By implementing a Thermosyphon the heat is removed from this area thus removing the adverse impacts to the Brake system. Rotors have been configured in a variety of ways to remove heat via convection. Increase Temperatures, however, still remain. Heat is attracted to the heat sink. Heat is then transferred to the thermo fluid whose temperature is increased. The increased temperature activates the thermo fluid to convey itself to the heat dissipater. The Heat dissipater lowers the temperature of the thermo fluid. The thermo fluid then conveys itself back to the heat sink. The action of this Thermosyphon lowers the temperature of the brake system by the above described process.