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User Interface Control For Selecting Multiple Items Of Hierarchical Data With Limited Screen Space Disclosure Number: IPCOM000138736D
Original Publication Date: 2006-Jul-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2006-Jul-31
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Disclosure of a program designed for selecting one or more items from a hierarchical set of data where the available screen space is limited.

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User Interface Control For Selecting Multiple Items Of Hierarchical Data With Limited Screen Space

Disclosed is a program that allows multiple items of hierarchical data to be selected when there is only a small amount of screen space available. The program comprises of a user interface control that can be in an open state or a closed state. When in the open state, it shows the hierarchical data that can be selected. When in a closed state, it shows a textual summary of what has been selected.

    The control designed is similar in principal to the commonly found 'combo box' user interface control. In its closed state it will show how many items have been selected. In its open state it will show the hierarchical data in such a way that multiple pieces of data can be selected. All of this is achieved within the limited space available to the user interface.

    The advantage of using this control is that the hierarchical data is shown in the format that gives meaning to the user. It also allows multiple pieces of data to be selected without breaking the natural flow of the application.

    The invention has two states; open and closed. In its closed state the user interface control will display the number of selected items. For example, if the data were a set of types where 28 had been selected, a typical closed state representation is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

    For convenience, if the mouse hovers over the control, a popup window ('Tooltip...