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A Novel approach of fast text location in document editing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000141082D
Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2006-Sep-30
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A Novel approach of fast text location in document editing

1. Background: What is the problem solved by your invention? Describe known solutions to this problem (if any). What are the drawbacks of such known solutions, or why is an additional solution required? Cite any relevant technical documents or references.

During the document editing, an individual may intend to search and find a specific pattern. In current document editors she could use the search functions. Those search functions, in general, is designed as a search dialog. To use the function, the user should invoke a dialog box, manually input the patterns that they would like to search. Further, if the user intend to search the content with specific styles (e.g. font sise, paragraph indent), he would manually set the style parameter in the search dialog box, and it is difficult because the number of different style properities. We do user studies on editing behaviors and found the most searching are occurred when users operated on the document with repetitive contents. More specifically, users are looking for the content similar with the current text they are focusing on. For example, user may want to locate the next figure title, after they modified the current figure title. These situations inspire us to design a special function to help searching and make the search operation more efficient. Our solution is to design a model of current text context, and use the model to generate several shortcuts to directly guide user to the new positions they are looking for. We found there are no similar previous works to our design. A potential related work is that in some text editor, when you selected a text and invoke the search function, the content of the selected region will automatically appeared as the text pattern for searching.


Craig A. Finseth , "The Craft of Text Editing", published by Springer-Verlag, 1991

2. Summary of Invention: Briefly describe the core idea of your invention (saving the details for questions #3 below). Describe the advantage(s) of using your invention instead of the known solutions described above.

We provide an novel context based location function with shortcuts on context menu or toolbars. The location candidates are automatically generated based on a context which includes both styles and contents around current cursor position and content selection status.

3. Description: Describe how your invention works, and how it could be implemented, using text, diagrams and flow charts as appropriate.

During the document editing,an individual may intend to search and find a specific pattern.. Such patterns are combined of text contents and text styles. In many situations...