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A method to continuously file composing based on automatically thread tracking in a distributed collaboration environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000141086D
Original Publication Date: 2006-Sep-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2006-Sep-30

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The purpose of this invention is to improve the efficiency of file composing in a distributed environment. First two kinds of information are added into a file: 1) a file thread and 2) meta change data. The file thread is a file identification description including a file universal id, author name, copyright, file version, etc. It is used to trace the relationship among files. The meta change data describe what have been changed based on the original file (an incremental change based on original file), which are used to merge two files having the same file thread. Three functions should be added into a file editor to achieve automatic file updating: 1. Search: searching files with the same thread on a computer if the file includes a thread. 2. Thread management: it is used to improve the searching efficiency. 3. Merge: merging the two files together with the same thread according to the meta change data. The invention could deal with the file composing problem in a distributed environment with the following advantages: 1. There is no need to setup a central server as a control point to manage the file composing procedure. So it’s more feasible to use this invention than central version control mechanism in our real life. 2. Thread management could speed up the file searching performance