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Enhanced PIN security using variable number assignment to keys Disclosure Number: IPCOM000145198D
Original Publication Date: 2007-Jan-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2007-Jan-10
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Increased security of numeric keypads by varying the numeric values for each user.

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Enhanced PIN security using variable number assignment to keys

In current PIN entry systems each key on the keypad has a fixed assigned numerical value so that someone viewing a person entering their PIN number can ascertain what they entered by the position of each keystroke entered on the keypad. For example the top left key is number 1 so if it is seen that the person hit the top left key a viewer knows that the number 1 was entered and so on.

    Instead of labelling keys on a PIN entry keyboard with hard-coded numerical values in the conventional arrangement, the keys ( or touchscreen representation of the keys) will contain a display which can be controlled via programming such that each user is presented with a different numeric layout of the keyboard.

    Each time a new user is asked for their PIN number, the controlling system (such as the software controlling an ATM) will program the key layout to be different from the previous key layout so that anyone or anything observing the keystrokes entered by the user would not be able to ascertain the PIN entered from the positional characteristics of the keystrokes.