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Method to Save Time by not Pushing Button on Blades Disclosure Number: IPCOM000145427D
Original Publication Date: 2007-Jan-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2007-Jan-16
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A program is disclosed that when a person inserts fourteen blades in a chassis, then he/she would not have to turn on each blade one by one by pushing a button. Once the blade is inserted all the way, it should turn on automatically.

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Method to Save Time by not Pushing Button on Blades

The main reason a person would put a blade in a chassis is to use it so if a blade comes on automatically then it saves time for a person to push a button. For example, one blade takes five seconds to turn on; one chassis has 14 blades then it takes 70 seconds to turn on all blades from one chassis. If there are 30 chassis then there are 420 blades which takes 2100 seconds which is equal to 35 minutes to turn on all blades. However, if blades turn on automatically then it will lead into effciency of work by saving time. In order to turn on the blade automatically, the management module should have knowledge of each blade slot so when a blade is installed all the way in a chassis, it should turn on automatically. This would give huge impact on saving time by having it perform faster.