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A design pattern for implementation of Web Services within CICS Transaction server Disclosure Number: IPCOM000145592D
Original Publication Date: 2007-Jan-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2007-Jan-18
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A Design Pattern for the implementation of CICS* Transaction Web Services whereby existing Terminal Control commands are replaced with Container commands

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A design pattern for implementation of Web Services within CICS Transaction server

Existing CICS* Transaction Server transaction instances are mainly based on the Principal-facility implementation. This means they run at a terminal -- usually a 3270 LU2 type of device, but in the case relevant to this disclosure, a LU0 device. An example of a LU0 terminal is an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine). Alternatively, the LU0 terminal which is attached to CICS Transaction server is actually an emulation by another piece of software - such as that provided by the IBM* CM/2 product which is an OS/2* based emulator communicating with CICS Transaction Server via the LU0 protocol.

    The problem that this disclosure addresses is how to evolve the current CICS application programs which communicate to an emulated or real LU0 device into Web Services capable entities - these entities being SOAP aware. This submission is a Design Pattern from the implementation view.

    The general situation is that there are CICS Application programs which are coded to operate via a LU0 Principal facility and have to be changed to operate both in this environment but additionally perform in the Web Services (SOAP) environment. It is obviously the case that these application programs can be completely manually recoded to support both operational modes, but this is obviously not an efficient (or reasonable) way to proceed.

    This situation is considerably complicated by the fact that the CICS Application Programming Interface (API) verbs which process the LU0 flow (or, in general, any type of network protocols processed by the CICS Transaction Server Terminal Control lay...