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Intelligent PC printer allocation with laptops Disclosure Number: IPCOM000145598D
Original Publication Date: 2007-Jan-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2007-Jan-18
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Intelligent printer allocation for portable PCs

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Intelligent PC printer allocation with laptops

    The usage of portable computers (i.e. laptops) is commonplace these days, being used on business trips, hot desking and at home offices. At each physical location there are typically many potential printers that can be accessed, and a specific one (or more) is chosen and installed for use on the laptop at this location.

    Over time, one ends up with many installed printers. This makes the choice of the appropriate printer tedious and time consuming. The user is typically offered an alphabetised list of installed printers in a picklist. Various operating systems also offer the capability of setting a default printer, which is then selected by default, but is always offered as the default until a new default is chosen.

    At a given location, there are various properties of printers that are known to the underlying operating system, and intersect the user specific, globally installed printer list.
1/ The set of printers which are physically on site (a hardware existence statement).
2/ The set of printers which are physically online and able to process requests (an availability statement)
3/ The set of printers which the user is allowed access to (a security statement)
4/ The set of printers which have the facilities required, e.g. color vs black and white (a capabilities statement).

    This publication proposes that for a specific print request, the "default" printer selected,and selection...