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Ambient projector Disclosure Number: IPCOM000145606D
Publication Date: 2007-Jan-19
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Ambient projector

Create a specific ambient experience / ambience in a room without the need for a large number
of ambient devices and controllers. To make a realistic ambient experience you preferable need a large number of ambient devices (Lights, displays, sound) spread over the room. The more devices the more possibilities and locations. Ideal you would need ambient devices that can create anything in/on all locations in the room. The drawbacks are obvious, cost, installation needs and aesthetics. By using an ambient projector the need for a large number of ambient devices becomes a lot less, with this ambient projector it is possible to project any number of lights (light source) or images (displays) anywhere in the room. Other ambient applications can be implemented using the ambient projector, i.e. ambilight, virtual window, ambx.. Interaction is also possible.

The ambient projector can consist out of a projector witch a fisheye lens with integrated camera, rotating head projector with integrated camera, projector, sphere mirror and camera. Processing unit that can convert ambient device data to virtual device data in the picture of the ambient projector and automatically compensate for image distortion due to the shape(s) and colour(s) of the room. Sound could be added by using a 3D sound set-up that can place sounds anywhere in the room.