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A new functionality in replying to a thread of e-mails Disclosure Number: IPCOM000145900D
Original Publication Date: 2007-Jan-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2007-Jan-31
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How you can improve your ability to reply to a thread of e-mails you have been suddenly involved

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A new functionality in replying to a thread of e -mails


    The advantage of implementing this solution is the capability to manage the list of all senders and recipients in a thread of e-mails and select the interested parts for the To and Cc lists of our answer, without a human introspection in all the thread.

    The problem this invention can solve is that everyone faces with when we receive e-mails that have been forwarded to us by someone who had believed that we could provide help to solve a particular problem.

    For instance, sometimes we receive an e-mail coming from our boss, that received it from our 2nd line manager, who forwarded the same e-mail coming from sales department and so on, the typical e-mail whose subject is full of "Re:", "Fw:", "R:" since it has a long history involving a lot of people as we could see scrolling the e-mail and look for the sections where the addresses of senders and recipients are located.

    So, if we want to answer to this kind of e-mail, we can't do a simple "reply with history" or a "reply to all with history" , because in this way the e-mail will be delivered only to the single colleague that has forwarded it.

    We should also check in all the thread who among the previous senders and recipients could be interested in our answer and we have to bore looking for their e-mail addresses in all the thread.


    A possible way to simply manage in a whatsoever moment the list of all people who received at least one of the e-mails that constitute the thread is the following: when you send an e-mail, a list containing your userID and the userIDs located in the To and Cc recipients of your e-mail is created and it is linked to the document properties, selectable from the menu over the e-mail tool.

    When you have received t...