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Lotus Notes controlled Host processing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000146121D
Original Publication Date: 2007-Feb-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2007-Feb-05
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For monitoring and montrolling host systems, specialized products are required to interact with the system. The present solution is using Lotus Notes as e-mail server only, to interoperate with a operating system. Possible email based system interactions can be: - process supervising via email - system access and response via email - email triggered reaction on system related events Time/event driven automated and selective host-system-data collection and processing

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Lotus Notes controlled Host processing


System monitoring and System automation is an increased demand in today's IT environments. At the moment specialized products are necessary to provide the functions for System-Monitoring or System Automation. Both the controlling system and the controlled system need those specialized products to exist and be installed. But not all systems are supported in these specialized products, e.g. z/VSE. This solution proposes standard and already available IBM products to provide monitoring and automation functionality. Lotus Notes based systems with email triggered interaction is used as sample.


With the actual disclosed solution, we intend to enable Lotus Notes clients to access VSE systems in an easier and more friendly way. It will enable clients with less VSE knowledge to perform operations and interact with it. Moreover, the database intends to serve as an automatic system operator, providing control over the VSE system.

Lotus Notes based automation and system or email triggered interaction Apparatus for Email based system interaction


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This apparatus (figure) will enable Lotus Notes as email Server to control as example, the z/VSE operating system processing, via email. System access and response via email are an important feature and part of the control functionality. The system interaction is split into 2 parts:
First we have email triggered reaction and response via Lotus Notes, based on system activity and
second we have time driven automation of selected host operating system activities and events.

Both system interaction types can run independently from each other and can collect as well as process specified system data.

The Code is on the Lotus Notes Server only, as well as the used Java package. That way all the Lotus Notes clients do not need to have there own Java or code installed. They simply connect to the server and use the code already made available. The email based apparatus also only exists on the Lotus Notes Server. All settings and adjustment on the other hand can be made differen...