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A High Availability and Performance System for On-demand Web Transactions thru Multi-platforms for CICS Applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000146283D
Original Publication Date: 2007-Feb-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2007-Feb-09
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.High performance and availability system for on-demand web transactions for CICS (Customer Information Control System) legacy applications, utilizing WebSphere Application Server. This system will provide for the integration of numerous, traditional business needs with a web based presentation.

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A High Availability and Performance System for On -demand Web Transactions thru Multi-platforms for CICS Applications

INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND Traditionally, CICS applications are broadly used in many business areas such as banking, airline booking and reservations, and numerous other business purposes, too many to list here. However, as internet transactions become more popular and widely used, the integration of the CICS sub-system with server middleware such as IBM WebSphere Application becomes critical for conducting daily e-business activities. This approach is not only beneficial to traditional CICS customers, but also provides a fundamental channel for general end-users to use the internet for their needs and interests. Building a reliable system with high availability and performance to meet this need is the key consideration. The following is a description of how to construct a system for just this purpose.

METHOD A sysplex with multiple systems with z-processors can be coupled together while configuring multiple WebSphere Application servers which will serve as the middleware for e-business. A private lan with VIPA (Virtual IP Address) technology will be used to network these multiple sysplex systems, and the WebSphere application servers will be horizontally clustered across them. By employing JCA 1 (J2EE Connector Architecture) connections, the WebSphere Application Servers (J2EE platform) will interface with the CICS transaction gateway and the legacy CICS applications, enabling business to be conducted via the internet. Since the WebSphere Application Servers are horizontally clustered across the multiple systems in the sysplex, the workload from the web requests can be shared and the servers can back up one another to form a highly available and high performing environment which meets the demands of the CICS transaction environment. By using the CICS transaction gateway (CTG) 2-3 for remote access to the CICS applications from WebSphere Application Servers, the end users can submit their business requests for web transactions from remote machines which may be running on any of numerous platforms including Windows, Linux, AIX or z-Series. This will offer the versatility of running web-based clients on multiple-platforms, which are capable of connecting to high availability and high performing CICS sub-systems. This implementation will provide customers with the availability to access legacy CICS applications with modern internet...