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Gold residual planarization for soft wire bondable gold pads for reuse Disclosure Number: IPCOM000146299D
Publication Date: 2007-Feb-09
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Method to allow reuse of printed circuit board (PCB) for ultrasonic gold wire bonding. Method involves planarization of gold wire residue using a compression roller against a dent resistant PCB compressed of a thicker nickel plate.

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Gold residual planarization for soft wire bondable gold pads for reuse

   Method is described which allows the reuse of printed circuit board (PCB) for ultrasonic wire bond attach. When gold wire is used to for temporary attachment of device to a PCB. This is desirable for magnetic recording head manufacture where the device needs to be monitored for resistance while the sensor is being polished. After the polish operation, the wire is stripped off from the device. Processing of the magnetic recording head is continued while the connection board is reused or discarded.

In order to reuse the connection board, it is necessary to either scrape of the residual gold that may be present or to shift the bond location to a region of the connection board where there is not residual. Bonding to a region where there are residual is possible, however it increases the likelihood for failed bonding due to the topography of the surface. The lumps of residual gold tends to make the bond less reliable. By using a method of planarization and by modifying the plating, it is possible to reuse the bondable region multiple times with consistent bondability and thus significant reduce the cost of manufacture. If scrapping is used, the gold plate tends to get damaged from the scrapping tool.

The invention comprised of two elements. The first element is to use a roller to compress the gold residual onto gold plated conductive trace. The other element...