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Individual estimation process for Non-Functional Requirements (NFRs) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000146729D
Original Publication Date: 2007-Feb-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2007-Feb-20
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This disclosure describes a method to calculate the individual costs for non-functional requirements on a large programme or project. Most estimation methods focus on the estimation of the functional requirements only, they then allow for Non-Functional Requirements by a percentage uplift. Although the overall estimates will be the same, it does not allow for individual negotiation of non-functional requirements.

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Individual estimation process for Non -Functional Requirements (NFRs)

Estimation of Individual Non-Functional Requirements (NFRs).

There are many estimation methods available today which focus on the estimation of the Functional Requirements. They then allow for Non-Functional Requirements by a percentage uplift. Although they determine the percentage uplift through considering a number of parameters, these methods do not allow
for the individual costing of particular NFRs, but rather the overall cost of a project's or programme's NFRs. Although this is sufficient for assessing the cost
of these projects/programmes, it does little to help negotiate these requirements and determine the relative importance of these in comparison to the functional requirements. This can be an important process in driving down the overall costs. The process described here allows for individual Non-Functional Requirements to be estimated so that both functional and non-functional requirements can be included in this process. This can often bring considerable savings.

The person(s) performing this estimation should have a good knowledge of the environment in which this system should be deployed and the development process to be used. The Non-Functional Requirements should be well written and measurable (this is not a part of this disclosure) Although not essential, for efficiency, some type of electronic means to perform the calculation
for example a spreadsheet. Assumptions A complete list of well-formed Non-Functional Requirements are known (These will normally be contained in security, legal standards, availability, performance requirements, etc). A complete
list of all phases (development test and implemen...