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Method to allow multiple different self tuning views of the same document Disclosure Number: IPCOM000146733D
Original Publication Date: 2007-Feb-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2007-Feb-20
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This article describes how an expert can present multiple views , and therefore different levels of content without the need to maintain multiple versions of the same document. The article describes methods on allowing the views on this document to be variable on the content they display.

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Method to allow multiple different self tuning views of the same document

When an expert wishes to present information to multiple audiences with different interests or abilities, they either have to present all the information in a single document and allow the reader to select the areas of interest to them from the complete text; or they have to produce multiple documents - one per target audience. In the first case the reader might be assisted by having collapsible sections of text and/or tables of contents, but they still might have to navigate through a lot of material that is irrelevant to them. In the second case the author is forced to create and maintain a whole collection of documents. What is needed is a way for an author to write a single document which then automatically adjusts its visible content to reflect the reader's interest.

    The solution disclosed allows an expert to place all their expert knowledge in a single document. The author can tag portions of content to be of a certain level or a specific section number. Then they can define multiple views of the document with each view being composed of a number of levels or section numbers. Finally they can associate each view with a particular, named reader, or category of reader. The document viewer used by a particular reader will only render the content defined as belonging to the view that is appropriate for that reader. The author can also offer the reader the option to expand or reduce the amo...